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Traditionally, the focus of branding has been to manipulate the minds and wallets of the world and encourage a mass consumption mentality that hasn’t gotten us much of anywhere as a culture.

Branding can create companies that make the world a better place. It can create careers that bring both fulfillment and a financial security. It can create meaningful lives that are driven by purpose, education plans that hone our innate passions and skills and relationships that fulfill us on deeper, more intimate levels.

When the tools of branding are used to build brands that hoist human potential rather than shill parody products, brand image will no longer be a superficial projection of what we want people to see but instead become an authentic reflection of who we are. And we won’t have to search for purpose because we will be living with it.



In my two decades of global branding, I have become quite adept at spotting shifts in consumer behavior and positioning markets to pivot and meet those changes. From that place of expertise, I can say this with certainty:

Generation Z, poised to be 75% of the U.S. population by 2030 and already wielding nearly 44 billion in buying power, is bringing an entirely different mindset into corporations and onto college and university campuses.

This is a whole new breed of fierce and independent individuals, and if you want to remain competitive in recruiting, mentoring and retaining their talent, it is going to require innovating both leadership practices and existing corporate and campus cultures.

Leadership innovation is a custom-created training program that works internally with your current leaders to help them evolve in order to better mentor and develop this new generation of talent. Part onsite training and part ongoing virtual training, this program utilizes decades of brand building experience to position your leadership team to succeed in the quickly changing dynamics Gen Z is bringing to the marketplace.

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Executive Brand


A lot of people throw the word branding around without really understanding what it means. Not me. I spent two decades in the largest advertising networks on the planet stewarding some of our biggest global brands.

Built on the insider info in my book, The Branding Sutra, which reapplies the success principles of billion dollar brands so that they can be leveraged on the individual level, this program serves up the highest level of professional branding retooled for personal use.

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Double Bottom Line


Double Bottom Line Branding™ is a strategic process I created specifically to help big brands step more authentically into a role of social responsibility and become true purpose-driven brands.

With 79% of consumers saying they are more likely to believe a brand’s CSR commitments if they share efforts across multiple channels and over time, it is not enough to simply give money via one-off tactics or PR initiatives.

This can be a challenge for large organizations burdened with layers of hierarchy and various departments that often work in independent silos from one another.

Through strategic and creative implementation of this proprietary process, I consult cohesively with the disciplines of marketing, retail and corporate social responsibility, creating a singular operating system that brings sales, messaging and positive impact into powerful collaboration. As a result, social responsibility is elevated from sporadic brand initiative to permanent brand behavior.

Culture transforms. Employee passion ignites. And your organizations ability to magnetize both talent and sales skyrockets.

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The Branding Sutra

The Book

If there is one thing I learned in my twenty years as a creative director and advertising exec, it’s that people are a monumentally more worthy investment than the products they purchase. With that as the cornerstone of my belief system, it is my opinion that the world of branding has its priorities backwards, focusing on goods and services rather than flesh and blood.

This book takes the core principles of branding, that have traditionally only been used to sell products, and reapplies them to people, bringing a deeper, more human perspective to help set us all up to more truly succeed in life.

Equal parts business acumen and spiritual insight, this book reveals how to envision yourself as a valuable commodity, harness individual talents and skills in unique and purposeful ways, and bring more meaning to your career and your life. In a leveling of the playing field of success, the Branding Sutra repositions branding from a business tool into a life skill.


"I'm going to steal a line from Sir Paul McCartney: 'Speaking words of wisdom...let it be' is exactly what Merry Carole has captured in this thoughtful, incisive and inspiring book. Smart, simple advice on how to manage and let flourish the most important brand in the world: Brand You.”

-Bob Scarpelli, Former Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide.

“In a time where society seems to be experiencing a cultural shift from a competitive model to a more cooperative model, The Branding Sutra is an enlightened resource that uses spiritual principles to lay out a path for a 'purpose driven economy' and a life lived with intention and meaning. It is a beautiful reminder that the foundation of success lies not in competition but in connection."

– Jude Leak, editor for Oprah’s Emmy Award winning series, Super Soul Sunday



Harvard Business Review is now calling mindfulness a “must have” for executives as a way to maintain healthy brains and foster effective decision-making capabilities. But let’s be honest: Mindfulness and corporate culture are not what you’d call a natural fit. There were plenty of days in my corporate career were where there wasn’t enough time to take a bite to eat, much less a breath.

For it to be sustainable in the business world, a mindfulness practice needs to be adapted to the corporate pace. I learned this first hand, on the job. Long before there were mindfulness programs being offered, there was me, trying to find a way to bring my personal practice into my professional life. I won’t lie, bringing the two together was tricky.

I quickly discovered it wasn’t about carving out time to be still. It was about cultivating stillness while fully engaged in the high stress, high stakes environment. And it wasn’t enough to develop an awareness of how I was feeling. I had to take things a step further, becoming keenly aware of who I am. To be mindful in my career required creating oneness with the totality of my strengths and passions.

Over the course of the years, without realizing it, I had created a totally unique expression of mindfulness. One that brought me into both a greater sense of self and a greater degree of success in my career.

This mindfulness program is unique. Designed by a veteran of the corporate world specifically for the realities of the corporate world. Interested in learning more? Let’s set up a call to get things started for you.

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