The Story of

Merry Carole Powers

The story of Merry Carole Powers? Well, it all started on a cold December day back in ….

Wait. That seems a bit too far back to begin for our purposes. Let's fast forward to sixth grade. The St. Clement school cafeteria. Approximately 5:30 pm. It's just me, a stack of paper and an eight-pack of crayons. Until George the janitor taps me on the shoulder and tells me I have to go home because it's time for him to lock up the school.

Huh? Lock up the school? But I just sat down - it's only three o'clock.

Or so I thought. Two and a half hours had passed in the blink of an eye. I had gotten completely caught up, sucked into, and all-around enthralled by my task at hand.

What exactly was that enthralling task, you ask? Well, I had been asked by a group of boys to create custom-made Valentine's cards for their girlfriends. They offered me a buck a card. (My first paid writing gig!) I don't remember how the whole deal came about, and I guess it really doesn't matter. But here's what does:

When inventing those silly cards, I dropped through the magical rabbit hole into a whole new world. I was writing. Creating. Playing with words and ideas and having a blast doing it. From that moment on, I was hooked.

Throughout high school, I took every creative writing class offered. In college, I tested out of all language and math classes so that I could focus as much of my studies as possible on writing. I received my first degree in journalism from a nationally ranked program. Then went on to further studies for commercial creative writing and ended up embarking on a career in advertising. In no time at all, I was writing television spots, print ads, websites, radio spots and social media content for massive global brands.

I traveled around the world on productions. Met celebrities. Shot with famous directors. Wined and dined with big name producers, casting agents and choreographers. I was totally unaware and having a ball.

Pretty early on in my career, my mother passed away. The depth of that pain took me so far inside myself, I discovered levels to living I never knew were there. The hole I fell into in the wake of her loss was incredibly deep and incredibly dark, and it required me to dig equally deep into my creative abilities to find a way back into the light of joy. And something really significant unfolded in that process. My creativity and my spirituality merged.

I used my writing skills to release my pain. From there, I found more and more creative ways to recover. These included things our culture is only now beginning to accept. Meditation, energy healings, past life regressions, and a bunch more. These all lead me to create my own meditations, my own journaling techniques, my own methods of clearing blocks.

It changed me as a writer. It changed me as a marketer. It changed me as a person.

As a writer, it was no longer enough to just share other people's messages with the world (which is what advertising does.) I now wanted to share my own messages as well. This led me to create books, blogs and screenplays.

As a marketer, living on the surface was no longer an option. So, I popped on my flippers and took a deep dive. I dug deeper and deeper beneath the surface of branding until I unearthed real meaning in it.

And this, once again, changed the way I looked at everything. Why position things like cornflakes for success when I could do the same for human beings instead? People, not products, are the most valuable commodities on the shelf of life. We are, each one of us, one-of-a-kind, limited editions.

I am an ardent champion of individuality and the power it holds. I am passion driven to hoist human potential into the stratospheres it was spiritually intended to reach. I know without a doubt that locked within each of us is everything we need to create all the meaning and success we want out of life.

The trick is tapping into those treasures. And that's something I'm here to help you do. This site is packed with ways to help you leverage your originality. And trust me when I tell you, there are more on the way.

From the one-and-only me to the one-and-only you, I wish you all the success that is, literally, humanly possible.