The Branding Sutra

The Book

If there is one thing I learned in my twenty years as a creative director and advertising exec, it’s that people are a monumentally more worthy investment than the products they purchase. With that as the cornerstone of my belief system, it is my opinion that the world of branding has its priorities backwards, focusing on goods and services rather than flesh and blood.

This book takes the core principles of branding, that have traditionally only been used to sell products, and reapplies them to people, bringing a deeper, more human perspective to help set us all up to more truly succeed in life.

Equal parts business acumen and spiritual insight, this book reveals how to envision yourself as a valuable commodity, harness individual talents and skills in unique and purposeful ways, and bring more meaning to your career and your life. In a leveling of the playing field of success, the Branding Sutra repositions branding from a business tool into a life skill.


"I'm going to steal a line from Sir Paul McCartney: 'Speaking words of wisdom...let it be' is exactly what Merry Carole has captured in this thoughtful, incisive and inspiring book. Smart, simple advice on how to manage and let flourish the most important brand in the world: Brand You.”

-Bob Scarpelli, Former Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide.

“In a time where society seems to be experiencing a cultural shift from a competitive model to a more cooperative model, The Branding Sutra is an enlightened resource that uses spiritual principles to lay out a path for a 'purpose driven economy' and a life lived with intention and meaning. It is a beautiful reminder that the foundation of success lies not in competition but in connection."

– Jude Leak, editor for Oprah’s Emmy Award winning series, Super Soul Sunday