Professional Speaking

Keynote Topics

Major in Individuality: Creating an educational path that feeds your unique strengths and passions and sets you up for success as the brilliant individual you are.

  • Ideal for incoming college and university freshmen.

  • Would You Hire You?: Bringing the power of individuality to the process of interviewing and starting a career.

  • Ideal for junior and senior university students as well as high school seniors opting not to attend college.

  • Creating Corporate Individuality: Innovating leadership and evolving corporate culture to meet the changing demands of the Gen Z marketplace.

  • Ideal for corporations looking to attract, retain and cultivate top Gen Z talent.
  • Also appropriate for college and universities looking to infuse curriculums with more relevant focus and subject matter for this generation.

  • Powering Up O.S. Female: Highlighting the valuable, individualized attributes of women and how to leverage them for success and fulfillment in the professional world.

  • Ideal for campus groups and clubs focused on female empowerment as well as corporations and organizations looking to develop female talent.

  • Command Your Career: Stepping out of troop mentality and into the individuality required to succeed in a civilian career.

  • Ideal for active military currently or soon to be transitioning out of service and veterans looking to create more success and fulfillment in their careers.

  • Breakout Sessions & Workshops:

    Discover Your Personal Calling Pinpointing the essential elements of individuality and self expression and weaving them into a passion and purpose driven plan.

    5 Things Not to Do in an Interview: Learn how to talk about yourself without sounding arrogant, ask for what you want without seeming entitled and when to say no thank you and move on.

    The Future of Corporate Culture: The five things you need to attract, retain and mentor Gen Z talent in the workforce.

    Lady Business: The three phases of succeeding as a female business owner or business woman.

    Rebranding Yourself from Military to Civilian in Six Steps: Ensure you transition into a career that incorporates all you have to offer, both military personal experience.

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