Harvard Business Review is now calling mindfulness a “must have” for executives as a way to maintain healthy brains and foster effective decision-making capabilities. But let’s be honest: Mindfulness and corporate culture are not what you’d call a natural fit. There were plenty of days in my corporate career were where there wasn’t enough time to take a bite to eat, much less a breath.

For it to be sustainable in the business world, a mindfulness practice needs to be adapted to the corporate pace. I learned this first hand, on the job. Long before there were mindfulness programs being offered, there was me, trying to find a way to bring my personal practice into my professional life. I won’t lie, bringing the two together was tricky.

I quickly discovered it wasn’t about carving out time to be still. It was about cultivating stillness while fully engaged in the high stress, high stakes environment. And it wasn’t enough to develop an awareness of how I was feeling. I had to take things a step further, becoming keenly aware of who I am. To be mindful in my career required creating oneness with the totality of my strengths and passions.

Over the course of the years, without realizing it, I had created a totally unique expression of mindfulness. One that brought me into both a greater sense of self and a greater degree of success in my career.

This mindfulness program is unique. Designed by a veteran of the corporate world specifically for the realities of the corporate world. Interested in learning more? Let’s set up a call to get things started for you.