I offer a purpose-driven publishing service. I believe the time has come for the conscious books out there to evolve into more original perspectives, and so I work only with stories that move the needle of spirituality and positivity forward in the world. And for those stories, I bring my twenty years as a creative director into the publishing process, guiding the design and publication of your completed manuscript.

If your book matches my mission, you’ll never have to go through the typical downsides of self publishing that I and so many others have.

I didn’t have a say in the designer or editor who would work on my book. I had no idea if these critical players in my publishing process, whose voice and vision would seep into my hard work, were a good match for me. That won’t happen to you – I curate your publication process by matching you with designers and editors who will fit your voice and content. You won’t end up with just anybody.

I felt like a cog in somebody else’s wheel. Not only did I have no say in my publishing team, I had no access to them. My thoughts, wishes and vision were always delivered by a third party, be that an online form or a randomly assigned representative. You will have an opportunity to speak directly with your designer to share your thoughts and visions and provide feedback on your cover as well ask proofreading and editing questions when appropriate. We will have a series of calls and I will be a part of all of them, acting as creative director to ensure your vision is being creatively translated.

I felt like the publisher was much more interested in my money than my story and my success. I don’t just take any story that comes my way. I only work with authors and content that fit with my mission to evolve the current spiritual views and share in my passion to make the world a better place. If we work together, I’m as invested in you personally as you are in me financially.

If you think you are a good match for this service, request an intake form below. Once you fill it out and return it, I’ll get back to you within 48 hours and where applicable, with next steps.

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