University and College Speaking

With equal parts entertainment and inspiration, I repurpose the creative, strategic and branding expertise of two decades as a writer and creative director to help individuals tap into and leverage the power of their individuality and create personal success.


Major in Individuality: Creating an educational path that feeds your unique strengths and passions and sets you up for success as the brilliant individual you are.

Ideal for incoming college and university freshmen.

Develop Your Personal Calling: Apply higher learning to create deeper meaning in your journey and fuse your personal and professional goals into a single purpose-driven path.

Ideal for students of all levels as well as high school seniors opting not to attend college.

Would You Hire You?: Bringing the power of individuality to the process of interviewing and starting a career.

Ideal for both undergraduate and graduate student looking to increase their competitive edge when interviewing for internships and jobs.

You are the CEO of Your Life: Developing personal leadership built on core values and individual purpose and taking control of your future.

Ideal for students of all ages as well as high school seniors opting not to attend college.


Creative Curriculums: Creative writing tricks for developing compelling, snack-sized curriculum content that students can digest.

Fostering Individuality: How to help students apply group learning to their unique, individual perspectives and pathways.

Ignite: Bringing more of your personal passion into the professional classroom to ensure you are as engaged as your students.

Present with Presence: Transforming stagnant lectures into engaging experiences.


Turning Creativity Inward: Innovating Leadership and Culture to Manage a Brand’s Greatest Resource: Its Human Resource.

The Corporate Cutting Edge: How to recruit, retain and develop the talent of Generation Z.

Merging Personal and Professional Brands: How to Leverage the Individuality of Employees to Build a More Productive, Passion-Driven Team.

Intrapreneurship: Fostering a Spirit of Innovation within an EstablishedCorporate Culture.

Purpose-Driven Career Growth: Expressing Your Personal Calling within Your Professional Path.

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