About Merry Carole Powers

Merry Carole Powers is a creative director and global advertising executive with more than twenty years of experience strategically and creatively stewarding world-class brands such as Samsung, Kellogg’s, Beam Suntory, and McDonalds. She is a veteran of some of the most elite creative departments within the largest, international advertising networks in the world. With a professional passion for growing socially impactful initiatives such as The Ronald McDonald House, Kellogg’s Share Breakfast, The Cruzan Rum's Island Spirit Fund and The Mom Project’s #MomUpAmerica campaign, Merry Carole has focused the power of her creativity to support families of critically ill children, feed the hungry, rebuild communities, address international water challenges, and lobby for equal pay for women.

As a longtime member of “The 3% Club,” a group defined by the fact that for years only 3% of the creative directors in the advertising industry were women, Merry Carole has a history of creating personal and professional success despite the marginalization of female creative leadership in the professional arena. An ardent champion of women and a true believer in the power of gender collaboration, Merry Carole brings these principles of success to the stage through her public speaking and into corporate culture through professional training that focuses on developing female talent as well as creating a more productive and cohesive dynamic between professional men and women.

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