About Merry Carole Powers

Merry Carole Powers is a corporate coach, author, speaker, and branding expert with 20 years of experience on the global business stage. Leveraging her expertise in positioning companies and their employees for success, she offers customized training programs that specialize in developing individuals and enhancing team dynamics in order to positively impact corporate culture as a whole. She has coached employees and executives across various industries and organizations including Siemens and the U.S. Olympic Committee and serves as a business mentor for the Leeds School of Business at Colorado University.

Merry Carole is a veteran of some of the most elite creative departments within the largest, international advertising networks in the world and has utilized her creative insight to steward success for world-class brands such as Kellogg’s, Samsung and McDonald’s.

A longtime member of “The 3% Club,” a group defined by the fact that, for years, only 3% of the creative directors in the advertising industry were women, Merry Carole has a rich history of creating success in an atmosphere of marginalization and developing positive, productive cross-gender relationships in the professional arena. She leverages this experience within her training programs to recalibrate the dynamics of corporate cultures and create collaborative working relationships between professional men and women.