Corporate Speaking

Personal growth plays a pivotal role in a company’s professional success. Recognizing the unique individuality in those who work for you and understanding each person has much more to bring your organization than what is listed on a resume will allow you to develop a corporate culture that is peaceful, profitable and passion driven.

I speak on a variety of topics on how to uplevel your current culture and bring a more modern and innovative approach to developing the people who power your company’s success.


Turning Creativity Inward: Innovating Leadership and Culture to Manage a Brand’s Greatest Resource: Its Human Resource.

Merging Personal and Professional Brands: How to Leverage the Individuality of Employees to Build a Stronger Team.

Intrapreneurship: Fostering a Spirit of Innovation within an Established Corporate Culture.

Purpose-Driven Career Growth: Expressing Your Personal Calling within Your Professional Path.

Womentrepreneurship: Creating a new business world through innovative female leadership.

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