In my two decades of global branding, I have become quite adept at spotting shifts in consumer behavior and positioning markets to pivot and meet those changes. From that place of expertise, I can say this with certainty:

Generation Z, poised to be 75% of the U.S. population by 2030 and already wielding nearly 44 billion in buying power, is bringing an entirely different mindset into corporations and onto college and university campuses.

This is a whole new breed of fierce and independent individuals, and if you want to remain competitive in recruiting, mentoring and retaining their talent, it is going to require innovating both leadership practices and existing corporate and campus cultures.

Leadership innovation is a custom-created training program that works internally with your current leaders to help them evolve in order to better mentor and develop this new generation of talent. Part onsite training and part ongoing virtual training, this program utilizes decades of brand building experience to position your leadership team to succeed in the quickly changing dynamics Gen Z is bringing to the marketplace.

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